Language of Form

Language of Form is a group show at Gamle Munch on view April 12th - May 19th.

Curated by Raina Marie Valentine, this exhibition features diverse works by Jonathan Brewer, Eva Faye, Kjell Erik Killi-Olsen, Liv Mette Larsen, and Sasha Stiles. The intergenerational artists employ variegated materials like paint and canvas, found objects, and cutting edge digital tools. They have vastly different artistic techniques, ranging from traditional painting methods to the repurposing of everyday materials to using language learning models and AI. This presentation demonstrates the manifold ways we create, communicate, and interpret meaning in the contemporary era. Through color, shape, and line, these artworks blur reality and fiction, memory and experience. Ultimately, these works portray moments in time and suggest new narratives of human behavior and perception in the 21th century.

Storytelling is an ancient art form that has been essential to human life. Language through words, gestures and visual imagery have conveyed stories, thoughts, and convictions. In the post human era, we are at an unprecedented crossroads where visual literacy is inconsistent, misunderstood, and questioned. How is content conveyed, interpreted, and consumed in today's world? Is it still possible to have a unified understanding of what we perceive in front of us? Considering the dialectic nature of forms and content– often antithetical – these artworks are a departure point for contemplation and communication, thus allowing deeper understanding, clarity, and empathy.

- Raina Marie Valentine

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