Made at Kroloftet

Welcome to our collective exhibition comprising work by 18 independent artists, makers and creators who have their production sites in the studios and workshops at Kroloftet, Etterstad.

The association Kroloftet is a non-profit organization built on an ecosystem of intersecting disciplines, combined resources, knowledge exchange, and shared social values. It began in 2014 as a grassroots working collective, and has now housed independent artists and makers for 10 years.
Here we design, build and operate workspaces and shared facilities.

From traditional handcrafts like woodworking, blacksmithing, ceramic and textile, to contemporary art and oral history, this exhibition aims to showcase the diverse and talented artists that are creating work at Kroloftet, and warmly embraces the creative process, and all those who continue to create.


Amanda Krantz, Astri Knapstad,
Beate Lund Kristiansen, Cathrine Hasselberg, Erik Roede, Erin Murphy, Germán Evangelisti, Johanne Birkeland, Kim Patricia Augestad
, Karin Amdal, Konstantinos Tsangaris, Marc Charneau, Marit Wollan, Marte Marie Wiik Ruud, Thale Meisfjord, Tobbe Malm, Vilde Bang Foss, Zsofia Foldvari

Project leader:

Danee Feng

Exhibition Opening
- 11. April 18.00 at Gamle Munch

This exhibition is supported by Bydel Gamle Oslo, and executed by exhibitors and volunteers from Kroloftet. We hope you found the exhibition both inspiring and enjoyable.

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